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Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress

If your WordPress site hits the limits of shared hosting, it's time for a change. When traditional shared hosting cannot deliver the performance your website needs, then Elastic WordPress Hosting will simplify your operations and deliver exceptional performance at the same time.

With just a few clicks, you can create anything from simple Nginx based VPS to a LiteSpeed ADC cluster with multiple Web servers, load balancer and MySQL (MariaDB) Galera cluster with Redis caching. All that with pre-installed WordPress and (optional) WooCommerce.

Resources are scalable to fit your budget. CPU, RAM and even additional web/database servers are automatically added as and when required.

Standalone installation runs inside a single container (VPS)

You can choose between NGINX and LiteSpeed installation of WordPress with or without WooCommerce. LiteSpeed installation comes with a built-in Brute Force Attack protection as well as Web Application Firewall.

Your container is fully scalable in terms of CPU/RAM it can use. You can set the amount of resources reserved for your container, as well as the max amount of resources it can dynamically use in case of high load. This is called vertical scaling and your VPS does not evan need to be restarted.

The resources are expressed in 'cloudlets' ... 1 cloudlet equals 400MHz of CPU and 128MB of RAM.

Cluster installation runs on multiple containers

Cluster is powered by LiteSpeed Web server and MariaDB Galera. That includes LiteSpeed ADC Load Balancer, Web Application Firewall and anti-DDoS (Brute Force) protection. Database MariaDB Galera Cluster is based on synchronous replication and the InnoDB engine. It ensures direct read and write operations to any node, no data loss upon nodes crash, no slave lag, and no lost transactions.

Both the web and database servers can be automatically scaled by adding more CPU/RAM (vertical scaling), just as in a standalone installation.

On top of that, you can also add additional web (or database) servers - it takes just a few clicks to configure automatic scaling and your cluster will automatically grow in periods of high load. This is called horizontal scaling.

The resources are also expressed in cloudlets (400MHz of CPU and 128MB of RAM).

Pay ONLY for what you use !

  • Reserved Cloudlets

    These cloudlets are reserved in advance for your application and you always pay for them.

  • Dynamic Cloudlets

    You only pay for the cloudlets that are actually used, up to the maximum allowed resources per server.

  • Others

    You also pay for used disk space, traffic, shared SSL, and dedicated/public IP address.

Elastic WordPress Hosting prices

Reserved Cloudlets US$ per Hour Dynamic Cloudlets US$ per Hour
1 to 7 $ 0.004932 1 to 7 $ 0.005479
8 to 15 $ 0.004658 8 to 15 $ 0.005205
16 to 47 $ 0.004384 16 to 47 $ 0.004932
48 to 95 $ 0.004164 48 to 95 $ 0.004712
96 to 191 $ 0.004000 96 to 191 $ 0.004548
192 and more $ 0.003836 192 and more $ 0.004384
External Traffic US$ per GB Disk Space US$ per GB per Hour
up to 1TB $ 0.040000 1GB and more $ 0.000200
1TB to 4TB $ 0.036000   US$ per Hour
4TB to 10TB $ 0.033000 Built-In SSL $ 0.002777
10TB and more $ 0.030000 Public IPv4 $ 0.004200

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