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Frequently Asked Questions about VPS

Q: Can I install a 3rd party control panel? (Plesk, CPanel, H-Sphere)

Yes! You are able to enjoy full functionality of your favorite Control Panel. We will gladly assist you with the set up, full installations come at a very reasonable price.

Q: Can I host multiple websites?

Most certainly, you can host as many virtual hosting accounts as you like! Additional IP's can be instantly purchased for websites requiring a dedicated IP address.

Q: Can I upgrade software myself? (Apache, PHP, MySQL etc)

Yes, your VPS account comes with root access. You have the same permissions and flexibility of your very own server. When requested, we can also assist you.

Q: Will other users be able to crash the server?

No, the advanced virtualization technology allows complete isolation of one VPS to another. An accidental or intentional errors that occur in another VPS will not affect yours

Q: Can I add more users? Will they have root permissions?

You are able to create as many users as you like. Our extensive control panel allows you to limit their permissions and resource usage.

Q: Is there a way for me to back up my VPS?

Yes, you can perform backup and maintenance from within your control panel. The backup will take a snap-shot of your VPS.

Q: Help! My VPS is now malfunctioning after the maintenance I performed on it. How can I restore my VPS?

No worry. With a click of a button from your VPS control panel, you can restore your VPS to the state of your latest VPS backup.

Q: My VPS is not responding. I can't SSH into it. What should I do?

You can easily stop and start your VPS from within your VPS control panel. The VPS will be cleanly unmounted and then remounted again.

Q: What Operating Systems are available?

The following Operating Systems are available: CentOS 3.5, CentOS 4.2, and CentOS 4.0 (64 bit). Windows 2003 VPS is coming soon.

Q: Is it possible to update/upgrade RedHat on a vps server?

Since the kernel is shared across the entire physical machine, this will not be upgradeable by user. You can upgrade all the user applications inside your VPS such as apache, ftpd, email server, etc.

Q: What are the hardware specifications of your VPS servers?

Our newest server is Dell PowerEdge 2950, Dual Intel E5420 - E5450 (8 cores @ 2.5 GHz - 3.0 GHz per), 32GB of ECC RAM, and RAID50 or RAID10.

Q: On average, how many VPSes do you host per server?

The number of VPSess on each server varies from one server to another. We make sure that the server's resources, especially CPU and memory, are not being oversold and make sure that each VPS receives its guaranteed resources.

For example, if we were to host only VPS Compact plan on a server, which comes with a guaranteed minimum of 128 MB of memory, then we can safely host ~45 of these VPSes on a server with 6 GB of memory. In practise, we limit ourselves to host only 20-30 VPSes on each server. Because of the resource allocation guarantee and because each VPS is being sand-boxed from other VPSes, each VPS will always receive its guaranteed resources.

Please contact us for more information.

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