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Best Network + Best VPS

Why VPS?

Virtual Private Server offers a good balance between total control (root access privilege) and a tight budget. Having a VPS account is just like operating a dedicated server.

Fluid Hosting's VPS Offers:

  • Total root privilege

  • Freedom to install any software and configure your account the way you want it.

  • Security
    In a traditional shared hosting environment, one account can access other's files when not secured properly. It is a well known fact that people can read other's passwords located in php files since they are all running under the web server's privilege, and gain access to sensitive data.

    A VPS account (disk space, memory) is totally isolated from other VPS accounts, because each VPS account is located in its own "Virtual Environment". Other VPS accounts can not access your files nor data in the memory. You will have your own copy of apache, dns servers, database server, and user accounts. This VPS security model makes it ideal for secure credit card processing in e-commerce applications.

  • Performance guarantee. Fluid Hosting's VPS utilizes virtualization technology that provides performance guarantee to your VPS account, so that no matter what other VPSs are doing, your VPS environment will continue to receive guaranteed amount of CPU, Memory and network resources.

  • Since VPS gives you full root access, you can set up any services, or daemons as you like, such as DNS servers, email servers, web servers, java servlet, database servers and more. Imagine having a dedicated server now with at a very affordable price.

Experience the advanced Virtual Private Server powered by the InterNAP network, one of the best network providers in the industry, with cost effective solutions that are totally under your control. With the VPS control panel, managing day-to-day tasks is quick and easy.

Based on Parallels Business AutomationTM and VirtuozzoTM technology, our VPS package offers a flexible, powerful and full featured platform for a wide range of Internet applications. Fluid Hosting's VPS packages are available under CentOS Linux platform.

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VPS Diagram
A diagram of Virtual Environments

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