Application Pools

Parallels H-Sphere implements Dedicated Application Pool for users of Windows 2003 platform. IIS 6.0 provides the ability to configure applications to run in the dedicated application mode. This means one or more web applications can be grouped together into so-called pools and run in isolation from others, assigned to other web application pools. Because each application pool runs in its own worker process, errors in one application pool will not affect the applications running in other application pools.

All newly created resources that use application pools are by default created in an appropriate Shared Application Pool. There are four pre-defined shared pools: 3 pools for each version of .NET framework and one general shared application pool which contains non-ASP.NET applications.

When a web application is being created under a dedicated application pool, the pool should exist prior to its creation. Now Parallels H-Sphere allows you, right from your user control panel, to create web directories and assign web applications to them, in the same time choosing a dedicated or a shared pool for each application.

This document will tell you how to configure application pools, Web directories and Web applications.

In this chapter:

Adding Dedicated Application Pools

Assigning Web Applications

Adding Web Directories