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Make a Payment to Fluid Hosting

There are several ways to pay for your services to Fluid Hosting.

Method 1 (Recommended): Pay with your Credit or Debit Card

Credit Card Payment

If you are already a customer, you may upload your credit card information through your account control panel. The billing system will charge your credit card automatically.

You can also make a manual credit card payment at:


After submitting your payment information and if the payment transaction is successfull, you will be presented with a transaction ID.

In order to process your payment properly, please contact billing@fluidhosting.com with your payment transaction ID and brief description of what the payment is inteded for.

Method 2: Payment by Money Order or Company/Certified Check

Please mail all money order/check payment (no personal checks) to:

Fluid Hosting, LLC
Account Receivable
#255 2820 Audubon Village Dr.
Audubon, PA 19403

All checks and money orders MUST have your customer number or account number included.

Please allow up to 7 business days for the check to be processed.

Method 3: Payment by wire transfer

If you wish to make a payment by wire transfer, there is an additional $25 and $40 wire transfer fee for domestic and international wire transfer.

Please contact billing@fluidhosting.com for the wire transfer information.

Method 4: Pay via Paypal

Pay with PayPal

You may also pay your hosting service using PayPal. Please specify your account name in your payment details.

Note: for HSphere shared hosting service, you can send a paypal payment through your control panel. This will enable the payment to be automatically credited to your account. For more information please contact us

Paying a Custom Amount Subscription via PayPal
Payment for:
For the subscription of:
Amount per period: $
Payment Frequency: every months

Paying a One Time Custom Amount via PayPal
Payment for:
Your Fluid Hosting Account Name:

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